For Women & Children
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About us


HOPE envisions to create a community that is free from social strifes where all its members receive the dignity and respect of lifting themselves out of poverty.


HOPE for Women and Children is a small women-led organization based in Kigoma-ujiji in Tanzania, Africa.  

HOPE empowers poorest women in refugee camps across rural Kigoma with skills to build, manage and maintain self-sustaining groups that produce marketable handwoven products.  

Poverty and violence are persistent issues we have to overcome on top of all the other complexities of our predicament. 


Based in town, we send volunteers to refugee camps, working to unify the very best from a few of finest camp’s women artisans.  


We work holistically with women who have experienced gender based violence, teaching them skills about product development, market and team management, and social enterprise development. 

Over time, these women have developed into small cooperatives, making their own business decisions towards their goal of financial independence. 


Today, many cooperatives are conducting training workshops themselves to reach other women, and implement projects of tailoring, poultry-keeping and soap making that drive change in their communities.    

HOPE was founded on May 2013 and registered on March 2014 as CBO under Kigoma-Ujiji Municipal Council Authority.



Helping Hands

Bilive Msambya

Co-Founder and director of HOPE.  Having obtained her diploma in social work, Bilive always uses creative methods to advocate for women’s empowerment. She is wholeheartedly devoted to self-reliance, enabling her fellow refugees to take action to improve their own lives. You can reach out to her by email: msambyabilive@yahoo.com

Sofia Waridi

HOPE accountant and storekeeper. She owns a one-year certificate in procurement& supply chain management; making her instrumental to the finance jobs she accomplishes honestly every day.  At HOPE, Sofia’s jobs include handling cash management, balancing the bank account, and reporting. As a storekeeper, she handles all aspects regarding quality control and product safety, ensuring that we never run out of anything we need.

Elias Msoshi

Brings his strong strategic thinking, project management, and monitoring and evaluation skills to his role as program coordinator. He oversees HOPE projects on the ground, including assessing the quality performance of all our weaving groups. He also coordinates activities ranging from writing proposals, inviting new ambassadors, to shipping orders.  Alongside his tasks, he often travels to refugee camps in the Kigoma region encouraging local women to teach recycling skills to many other women. Email him directly at eliasmsoshi@yahoo.comYou will find the latest information about our company here. You...

Delphine Bayubahe

Our marketing trainer. Through her teaching, local artisans are able to make income with simple skills they can easily promote in their community. She always controls how local clients talk about our products, and she strives to fill all their needs. She has a great sense of humor! You will find the latest information about our company here. You...